The MOD Footswitch can easily be hacked and tweaked, and users can even build one themselves

According to ModDevices’ website, The MOD Footswitch can easily be hacked and tweaked… Can someone point me to the right direction to learn how to hack and tweak the footswitch, please ?

All of the hardware design files (PCB) and firmware are available on Github:

You can pretty much do what you like with that. You can also use their Arduino shield to build your own accessories that will plug into the Control Chain port. The files for that are also available on Github along with tutorials on the wiki. See the bottom of this page:


thank you…
the following does not work:

Where did you get that link from?

from the link you shared above

@mark_melvin the link is in

thank you ! but this link gives me a 404 error

the correct link is

portalmod is obsolete, moddevices is current