the infamous mindi - MOD Devices

Spencer Jackson

This is a simple midi message generator that sends a message when you change its message value. It usually requires the host automating it to really be useful. Features: Modeled by Infamous

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Thank you so much for creating this plugin! I am using it to assign states of other hardware via MOD pedalboard snapshots.
Can you please investigate something?
mindi’s MIDI channel dropdown allows a range of 0-15, while all of my other midi-enabled hardware and software is configurable to channels 1-16, sometimes using 17 to mean all channels.
I have noticed that there is a discrepancy in how mindi behaves, for instance with Program Control messages, it sends messages on channel c+1, with c being the value shown in the dropdown, whereas control change messages are sent on channel c.
It seems that the displayed values should be 1-16 and for the behavior of all message types to conform to that.
Thanks again for developing this!


Oh yes !