The AIDA-X modelling must become less frustrating!

I’ve wasted hours yesterday trying to create an AIDA-X model of a high gain guitar amp VST. I tried normalizing, shifting by different amounts of samples, different input signals, but all to no good.
All my results end up with an ESR between 0.22 and 0.15 and sound far from the original. The high frequency content is mostly missing. The models are very muddy, bass heavy.

I’ve not yet tested adding a few metronome clicks in the beginning. That’s what I’ll try now, before I give up :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

At the moment I’m trying to set up the local runtime, because I can’t get a GPU connection due to the Collab usage limits…

Are there any plans to make the modelling process more reliable and easy?

giving up on the local runtime. installing google.collab with pip failed and now my jupiter notebook refuses to start.

and I still get no GPU connection in collab

I’m out :rage:

I had mixed results on some specific models.
Some I just can’t model decently.

Just wait for the “cooldown” to get GPU back.
Doing the local stuff is… beyond my anyhow

Have you tried a different amp?
Are you sure you are modeling without cab and other pedals/plugins?
Have you read my article on the best practices? Modeling amps and pedals for the AIDA-X: Best practices - MOD Audio website


I’ve not tried a different amp, yet.
Yes, I switched the cab sim off before rendering the target file.
And yes, I’ve read your article.

I’ll probably try another amp someday soon, but I really wanted to have that SLO on my dwarf :persevere:

Thanks :slight_smile: