Testing of controller bugfix

Hello everyone.

This is not a full release for testing but I’d like to ask you all in the Testers group to try a bugfix I’ve done to the controller’s firmware. It fixes the bug reported in the links below.

If everything work fine the fix will be release in the version v1.6.0.

To manually update the controller’s firmware, open a terminal and run the line below:

curl http://web1.moddevices.com/shared/tmp/mod-controller.bin | ssh root@ 'cat > /tmp/a.bin && hmi-update /tmp/a.bin && systemctl restart mod-ui'

After the testing If you want to restore the original firmware, run:

ssh root@ 'hmi-update /usr/share/mod/controller/mod-controller.bin && systemctl restart mod-ui'

For those that don’t know yet, the SSH password is mod.

Feedback are welcome.


manual update ran without trouble. however, it doesn’t solve the knob problem for me… the values still don’t move smoothly with knob-turning, and still can be made to move backwards when turning very quickly.

Can you please try again and after the new firmware finishes to upgrade check the version on the menu:

Hold down left knob > scroll down to Info and select it > scroll down to Versions and select it.

The version for the controller is: e30bc88.

ok… NOW the version # is correct. :slight_smile:

…and i believe this problem is now solved; it’s beautiful to actually have confidence that the value’s movement is going to correspond to how i move the knob!

it occasionally seems like there’s a slight jump back when i spin the knob as fast as i can. but, as i spend more time with it, i actually think it’s doing exactly the right thing and the slight problem is now my physical technique – i.e. when i’m really careful to make sure i’m spinning with no initial slight backwards touch, it’s all good.

in summary, i believe the machine’s response is now good enough to reveal MY errors and help me correct them! :wink:

thanks a lot!


btw: a nice side-effect of this fix is that navigation in the system menu is easier (less “jumpy”) – so, for instance, picking out pedalboards to load “in the heat of battle” will be less stressful! :slight_smile:


I did a few more adjusts. Would you try again and check if you can go full speed without it jumping back?

The version now is dec52da.

i think this one is worse. if i just do a big spin, i can definitely see the display jumping backwards sometimes, while the knob is still just spinning without me touching it. it’s reflected in the GUI, and is particularly obvious there.

open up the GUI, and go into the detailed parameter display of a plugin. i think you’ll see it pretty clearly - when you just spin a knob and let it go, the parameter value jumps around and seems quite jittery, rather than just moving smoothly and decelerating with the knob’s physical motion.

btw… one result of all this is that if i turn the knob relatively slowly, the parameter value ends up moving more quickly, since it doesn’t respond in that jumpy way as it changes.

…we need some kind of diagnostic app which graphs parameter movement vs knob movement, 'cuz these kinds of observations are really fuzzy and subjective! :stuck_out_tongue: still, i think you’ll see what i’m talking about…

hmm, interesting… I just find out that it works quite well for the knob2 but poorly for the knob1.
Can you confirm that?

Guess what knob I was using to do the tests… :grimacing:

for me, it’s similar on both knobs.

hey @ricardocrudo … any more movement on this?

Hi @plutek. Not yet. If I didn’t manage to make it better I’ll stay with the previous option, the one you said was better.

was that one better for you as well? and is anyone else testing?

Yes, that was the better one.