Test users wanted

Dear community members,

We are improving our development workflow and are looking to recruit a group of testers for our software releases. These testers would have access to releases before the release candidate phase.

Getting your hands on our new features beforehand is very exciting but, if you are interested in becoming a tester, you should know that you will probably face some issues and you should therefore be comfortable around a command line :slight_smile:

May the bravest and boldest MOD users step forward and make themselves known via this thread or contact me directly!


I’d be interested, as long is it’s easy to revert to a previous, working release for gigs.

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please keep me in the loop about this. sometimes, i’ll be just too busy to help out… but i’m definitely a command line person, and definitely interested in testing.


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I can’t promise I’ll have time to play with it, but I’d really like to be on the list, especially so I can test the plugins I’m trying to add to the store.

I would be interested in becoming a test user but would feel guilty if you put in extra efforts while I might be busy and not be able to actually test stuff. But I was wondering if it wouldn’t make sense to have an option in the MOD menus to subscribe to the “stable” or “testing” releases (analog to the Debian release plan). Then interested MOD users would just get more updates than the others. If we found something unusual/broken this way, we could post a message here or raise a ticket on github.

The current testers are part of “group 1”, which get pre-releases of our software.
We might start a “group 2”, which gets users RC versions (like 1.3.0-RC1).
It’s not a fully testing version with stuff still in development, but something that should work but still needs some final testing.
Would that something you’d be interested in?

I’m absolutely keen on that, @falkTX! When it suits, I love trying out new stuff even at the risk of breaking things. Besides the list of new/fixed items it might help to get an idea what you think is interesting to try out specifically.

I’m not really familiar with linux, but I know how to enter a command line and have ubuntu installed on my second drive. If you need some more people in order to open a “group 2”, I’d be happy to join in :wink:

i’m keen

Once we release 1.3 as Release Candidate, we’ll open the group2 for those that want to receive RCs as updates.
They have been tested already by group 1, so hopefully they will be stable enough for most uses.

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Great, thanks :slight_smile:

i’m guessing it would be unwise to take a testing version into performance. right?

what’s the quickest method to flip back and forth between a testing version and a stable one, in case a gig comes up while i’m in the midst of checking out a testing version?

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I usually have lots of time to test.
Also worked as software tester for 5 years.

Happy to help and have lots of experience managing Linux boxen.

Send me a PM with the last 3 numbers near the bar code on the back side of your MOD, and we’ll handle this.
You’ll be part of the testing group which gets regular builds (right now testing tempo-sync v1.5) and its discussion here on the forum.

Hi y’all,

Just thought I might bump this thread back to life.

We’re getting ready to test the next release (1.6 :star_struck:) and some new users might be interested in beta testing the software.

Remember: you should have some experience with software testing and also be aware that some coding skills may be required in case something goes wrong.

Anyone interested?


yup. :smiley:

Cheers @plutek, you’re already on the tester group!

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…sure am… :mage:

Interested, but with limited availability

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