Test Pedalboards dedicated area

(Not sure this is the place for this topic, Moderators please move it if need be.)

This might be something entailing major changes to the server, so I’m not sure it can be implemented in the short term. But the idea is that pedalboards shared for the sake of sorting out issues/bugs, training or for shared construction could be placed somewhere other than the Pedalboards section of the site.

Lots of pedalboards there are people sharing for the sake of demonstrating bugs or other issues – obviously not anyone’s fault – but, if at all possible, it would be better to have some other public area or some other means to share something that other can download and improve or analyse locally for the puropose of contributing, enhancing, or sorting out issues.

The pedalboards area has many pedalboards that were some user’s test of something, otherwise shared for a very specific purpose among limited members. But it loads the area amd, due to the lack of classification/sorting schemes, the entire collection becomes cluttered.

Is that something that can be done even in a simpler form through the pedalboard sharing process?

Or else, can this thread (or another one to your liking) become the place where users can drop pedalboard files so others can test them?

Just a thought.


Absolutelly agree!!


I also second this. I have definitely multi posted a board, and made boards for specific use cases that would probably harm someone’s hearing or in general sounds absolutely horrendous.

Would be cool to have a sorting method.

Maybe a specialized tag for it so it can be filtered, or a confirmation dialog box before submitting that asks if the pedalboard is for the public or for testing?


That’s one possibility, for sure.

Just to make myself extra clear here, I am not complaining or criticising anyone who posts a pedalboard with “test” in the name/description. Many of them are useful tests of plugins, setups, and are useful for other users.

The issue here is: if I am trying to sort out some issue and then post a pedalboard so others can download, test and figure out what’s going on, then ideally it would not be in the Pedalboards area, but somewhere else – where it could also be removed by users if needs be.


I agree. Some basic filtering and pagination would make a big improvement. There could be an opportunity here for the community to do the heavy lifting, either by submitting code changes to the existing site, or - with MOD’s blessing - setting up a separate third party site where these features could be built in. A separate site could still be available under mod.audio via DNS configuration.

I happened to start hacking on a “MOD power tools” app this weekend, and including an “export pedalboard” feature seems like a good candidate to add, to make it easier for folks to share individual boards without having to post to the Pedalboards feed.


The new MOD OS 1.13 has an option to “hide” the pedalboards for these cases.


I agree, the pedalboard page is a sort of shop showcase and is better to mantein it “clean”; actually I would delete most of the pedalboard shared by me in the official page, sometimes cause the excess of enthusiasm, sometime cause it was the only place to share an issue to test (@gianfranco make me know if it is possible).
Since the new release is out i shared the pedalboard only in the forum where i tought were more appropriate (and it worked well).

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Thanks, @gianfranco. Do the pedalboards go to the same server as the rest of them?

How can I refer another user to that pedalboard then?

(Sorry, I haven’t used the feature.)

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Yes. They go to the same place. The only difference is that they get hidden and do nto appear in the feed incase the checkbox is marked.

Even when hidden, all shared pedalboards have a link that is informed on sharing time. This link should be used to refer to the pedalboard.



Yes. We can hide them. Just give us the link and we take care of it.


It may be the right time for people who have shared pedalboards for testing to do a bit of cleanup. :slight_smile:



I am tagging the one and only @falkTX here, as he is the one with the power to do so :slight_smile:

And, in order to save his valuable time, I kindly ask you guys to list them on this spreadsheet:

I added one as an example. The url can be retrieved directly from the feed by right clicking the “View more” button and copying the link address.

If we centralize it here things get easier. The biggest time consumed is having to search around for them.

Additionally, it might be useful to keep the record of the hidden boards, just in case someone needs.

Let’s make our feed nice and tidy :heart:


I’ve put the bug-pedalboards I’ve made in the sheet


I think this is a good way to find some of these bug-pedalboards :

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