Test CV plugin Control - an envelope follower!

This pedalboard

It works wonders. I’m unclear however on how the ABS works, and why a few parameter mods are required. Can anyone give a nice explanation as to how this pedalboard works?

I wish there was a single plug-in which worked as an effective envelope follower, but this works. I’m just curious as to how exactly it works, so that I can possibly integrate it into my pedalboards.


@S_Righteous This is helpful! Thanks a lot for this!

FYI - I didn’t build it - I used it and have questions about it !

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:yes, sorry… I just tested it and it works indeed very well. Sorry for the confusion!

I believe @Julien you are being harkened to bestow us with the wisdom that envelopes.

In the order of the Audio → CV signal

  • The 1st TinyGain just amplifies the audio signal
  • the Audio to CV does the real job, it transforms the amplitude of the audio into a CV value
  • the CV ABS keeps the value positive
  • Slew rate limiter slows the changing values of the CV, you can slow the rising and the fall differently
  • the 3 CV parameter modulation is there to amplify the CV signal

I didn’t have time to try with less plugins, but I think the 3 CV parameter modulation (maybe the CV ABS too) could be replaced by a single Control to CV - MOD Audio with the advanced parameters put in the right spot… I’ll take time to do this later


Here is another version with only 1 CV plugin less, and 1 audio plugin less…

And I’ve put some notes to explain each step.


You are a hero among us!
Thanks for the time put into this - I will definitely make good use of it!


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:sweat_smile: you’re welcome !

I love this example. It didn’t use the CV ABS, and didn’t need to. I now know the various multipliers used in the original pedalboard at the top of this thread was to keep boosting the signal - that wasn’t clear to me. I’ve always found the Slew Rate Limiter did exactly as I expected, but the cool thing I didn’t think of was adding the Control to CV at the end of the line to limit the range - that’s a great idea ! CV to control a control to CV plug-in! This is really helpful Rom.