Terrible Midi clock

hi, I posted a few days ago concerning the sync between Mod Duo, Mod Dwarf, and anything else as a master/slave (such as Ableton). The Mod Dwarf plays two steps behind the Mod Duo when slaved to the RC-500, I’ve spent a lot of money on these devices and they are virtually useless as drum machines/loopers etc (anything that runs on the clock) . Admittedly, the LP3 looper seems stable, but the Soul Rush is just horrible and my aim of creating a foot pedal groovebox has been seriously hampered. Since no one at Mod Devices has answered, I am hoping they are busy, but I am considering selling these devices as they don’t do what they are advertised to do. I am wondering if it’s not the devices, or an issue only specific to particularly the Mod Dwarf, or there is something wrong with my setup? I can only wait a certain amount of time with no answer and don’t really want to move on to Beebo or Zoia, I like the Mod Devices and want to be a part of the company and it’s future…

I haven’t heard about this in a while, so it doesn’t appear to be on the immediate roadmap. This discussion may be relevant to your question, though.

I hope you get it sorted!