Tech21-VTBass AIDAX Model

Hi everyone,

Last autumn i started to skate again after 20 years absence. It’s great fun and nice to see that you can still do cool sport stuff post 30.
Long story short, I broke my foot a few weeks ago and had finally time to finish my pedal modelling setup. So i want to present you my Tech21 VTBass aidax models, I hope you like them!

It consists of 53 LSTM-20 models of the pedal.
They are captured with their EQ set flat, and the Character and Drive knob set to the values given in each filename. So C050-G60 means 50% of Character and 60% Gain.
Additionally there are 4 captures ( FatTube, FlipTop, Rage, SVT-Style ) which correspond to the values given in the VTBass manual. Here the EQs aren’t flat but set to the specified preset values.

Additional Notes:
Each model is captured a little bit hotter than it would be driven by a usual bass. ( ~6db peak vs 10db specified in the manual )
In my opinion the models translate better when the input is lowered and sound worse when the input is increased. So when you try the models and you want a little more Gain, better try the next model and lower the Input, or change to the model with the next Character step and same Gain.

The EQ of the original pedal is set at: Bass 125Hz, Mid 1kHz ( manual says 500Hz but the internet says otherwise ), Treble 3.2kHz.
Using them this way feels very similar to the original pedal.

Personal opinion:
I suggest to use the models in conjunction with the MOD-2Way-Crossover. Set the split frequency to 90Hz and send the high part to the AIDA-X and the low part to the output. For higher Character or Gain values this preserves the ooomph of your bass. Experiment with the split frequency and the models.


I created a small pedalboard for those who are interested to try them: