Tc bld collection

Hi Guys,
Today, We would like to share very rare vintage one!
The based model is original vintage of BOOSTER+LINE DRIVER&DISTORTION from TC Electronic.
This pedal is very famous for being used by Allan Holdsworth.

I have captured according some gain parameters in DIST mode.
Other parameter is almost 12 o’clock, and noise gate is almost off.

Please note: All models are captured “only drive pedal” without Amp and Cabs.

The GAIN setting values are those listed on the unit.

GAIN is .1

GAIN is .2

GAIN is .5

GAIN is 1(12 o’clock)

GAIN is 2

GAIN is 5

GAIN is 10(Full)

All models are training in Standard(LSTM-16).



Thanks Ken, that was my main tool from 87 to 92…

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