Tape Delay Simulation - MOD Devices

Steve Harris

Correctly models the tape motion and some of the smear effect. The way the tape accelerates and decelerates gives a nice delay effect for many purposes. source: http://plugin.org.uk/ladspa-swh/docs/ladspa-swh.html#tth_sEc2.104

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…anybody else having trouble adding this to a pedalboard? i’m getting “Error adding effect” when i try.

v0.0-2 on DUO v1.6.1.601

Hey fam. I’m thinking about getting a Mod Dwarf, but I want to hear more of the individual plugins. Specifically a tape delay that can get nice and emotive like the Strymon El Capistan (I’ve not heard other pedals create this same quality of tape delay yet).

I’m having a lot of trouble finding audio examples of individual plugins :’/ Can anyone help plz?

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You’re right. It’s really missing some audio example.
I’m preparing a youtube chanel with many pedalboard and sound example that can be obtained with Mod Duo.
I think Gaffa delay could interest you. it’s one of the rare paid plugin but it sound good. It imitate a tape delay There’s the GxMultiBanDelay too that is original. Delay Munge from invada is good too. The
Bollie Delay is a good clean digital delay.
There’s so many choice that you can rally have the delay you want if you’re ready to tweak knobs and virtual cables. All is possible!
I’ll listen to El Capistan to find the more resamblant delay that could fit to you.
I could send you some audio example with a guitar and screen capture.
Perahps on my new youtube chanel?
Tell me what you think I’ll try to do that this week end.

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Hi! Forgive my delayed reply. I was working since I posted.

Thank you I’d love to hear the closest thing to the el cap with all its beautiful non-linear warbles and smudges. I think the lfo doesn’t follow a repeating pattern so the ear thinks it’s more organic, unlike pedals like warped vinyl which follow a predictable pattern. Probably there’s more to the mojo than that too.

Well I didn’t lsten to these subtle organic details. I only listen to some sound examples on youtube , perhaps not the god one. If you can give me a youtube link I’ll carefully listen to it.

Ok I’ll look it up :slight_smile: Sorry I’m typing fast, I hope I don’t sound rude. Thank you for your interest and help. Just to clarify: You’re looking to perhaps upload some audio examples, but haven’t yet. I’ll try to find the prettiest el capistan example I can.