Tape and desintegration

Hi there, which pedals are good for deintergations? Like a VHS tape or a record. Old flutter, wow and broken into bits. Compressed and distorted. For synth / pads / drums / guitar. In stereo.


I have the Shiro Gaffa on most of my boards. Wow and flutter, tape age, bias, and a bunch of other controls gets much of what I like about pedals like the Demedash T-120 and the Recovery Devices Cutting Room Floor. It doesn’t do everything those 2 pedals can do, but it is a good lo-fi tape delay.


I have to try the Shiro Gaffa. Is it possible to use the Tape FX without the delay?

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if you try the “broken machine” setting, the delay is very, very short, so you get the weirdness with minimal delay.