Tap Tempo for Shiro Harmless?

Does anyone know if Shiro Harmless supports Tap Tempo yet? I haven’t been able to configure it for tap tempo… I need to add it so that my slicer pedal works with any tapped in tempo:


Yes, the rate parameter of the Shiro Harmless has tap tempo.

Thanks for your reply @ricardocrudo. I just checked the Harmless’ Rate parameter and I don’t see Tap Tempo at all. Am I supposed to enable something in order to assign tap tempo to the Harmless? Sorry, I’m afraid I’m going to need you to hold my hand and walk me through setting up tap tempo… sorry!

If you assign the Rate parameter to any of the Foot it will automatically works as Tap Tempo. Perhaps the “Tap Tempo” tag should be shown aside the Foot name so it makes clear what is the foot function.


Perfect, it’s working now. Thanks for pointing this out @ricardocrudo