TAP Scaling Limiter - MOD Devices

MOD Team

You want to maximize the loudness of your master tracks. Your drummer has the habit of playing with varying velocity. You want to squeeze high transient spikes down into the bulk of the audio. You want a limiter with transparent sound, but without distortion. This is for you, then. The unique design of this innocent looking plugin results in the ability to achieve signal level limiting without audible artifacts. Most limiters operate on the same basis as compressors: they monitor the signal level, and when it gets above a threshold level they reduce the gain on a momentary basis, resulting in an unpleasant "pumping" effect. Or even worse, they chop the signal at the top. This plugin actually scales each half-cycle individually down to a smaller level so the peak is placed exactly at the limit level. This operation (from zero-cross to zero-cross) results in an instantaneous blending of peaks and transient spikes down into the bulk of the audio. source: http://tap-plugins.sourceforge.net/ladspa/limiter.html

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