TAL - TAL-Reverb-II

Not exactly a new plugin per se, some of you might actually know this one already.
This is not affiliated with TAL, we just like the plugin so much and since the source code is still available we decided to port it.
Basically identical to desktop version, though we modified some of the exposed LV2 parameters to make them more meaningful (so uses real values instead of normalized 0-1 range).
The modgui is a direct port of the desktop UI.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

PS: Unlike some of the previous plugins we published lately, you do not need v1.10 for this one.


Ive just downloaded it, it seems like no sound is coming thru the plugin. Its the only plugin Ive added (beside the gain one).
If I turn the plugin off there is sound, but when its on there’s no sound at all. Ive tried all the presets and turning the knobs with no luck? :slight_smile:

huh that is unexpected. what unit are you using? what version for the MOD system software?

Works great here on the DuoX!

What a nice reverb – thank you! It works great on my Kickstarter Duo… only thing missing for me is some sort of on/off switch in the GUI.

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Its working now, maybe it just needed to restart :slight_smile:


It seems that the settings are not properly loaded with a pedalboard.

I have a patch where the room-size is set to 0.7 which I see in the UI and in the settings. However when I load the pedalboard I have to first click/trigger the room-size for it to actually set and hear it.

That sounds like a bug! We will investigate. Thanks for reporting