TAL Sampler

Wishful thinking?

Or could this be implemented?

I am imaging an amazing sampler, with the limitless fx chains, using the knobs and buttons…

Oh man.

the plugin is made with JUCE, a framework that does not have the best LV2 support (JUCE devs even refuse to merge the complete LV2 work I did already, which they would got for free…)
so it is a bit wishful thinking yes, but I am guilty of that myself too, as I wish that plugin would work on the MOD platform.

if we make it not about the plugin, but about the features, then perhaps something is possible.
file handling is something we are working on for v1.11, so samplers will be possible to have by then.

these 2 sound feasible for the platform, as they already work the way we need

there is also an sfz sampler/instrument loader (which we already have working, just needs a bit of optimizations)


I have absolutely zero clue, regarding the technical aspects of your reply, @falkTX, but my goodness me, I absolutely love the fact that you (and your colleagues) reply and engage with people like myself - so thanks for that.

Those links are really interesting to look at as well, and encouraging.

As well, the idea of something close to TAL Sampler, coupled with your own excitement/interest in such a thing, is really great to read and has me even more excited about getting my black box!