Tablet users?

How good does the UI works on tablet ? That we’ll be nice to manage the MOD with a cheap tablet.

I think you can do that with a bluetooth dongle plugged into the Mod.

Also there is a thread in the forum that deals about making the mod UI available to any device on the local network. But that requires some config work on the mod to which you need to connect to (via a PC?) in the first place.

Yeah but is the UI usable on a tablet ? When I try on my smartphone I can’t turn the pedal buttons.

That might be due to the browser engine. Which browser did you use? Which phone/OS?

Chrome on Android 6, the phone is a 5,5" Motorola

Did you try with Firefox? I displaced my USB Bluetooth dongle somehow so cannot verify, but I think it worked with Firefox on my LG G3.

I’m new here and apologize for reopening this thread and if the answer is elsewhere.

I’ve tested editing pedalboards using my iPad and it works well. An Apple Camera Connection adapter is needed. Plug there CCK into the USB cable and the other end into thre iPad. Open the browser on the iPad (I use Safari) and enter the addresss of the Mod Duo. All works.


It also works well with a Bluetooth dongle in the Mod Duo and the iPad.


While it “works” on tablet, I would suggest to the mod team to dev an alternative UI for phone and tablet.
I don’t think that having to zoom-in/zoom-out on a small screen is a good way to go.

For exemple, I would prefer something like the Line 6 app

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Right. A graphical UI looks good, but with a lot of parameters to possibly adjust, it is necessarily the fastest or friendliest. The slider approach Line 6 took does make a lot of sense. Frankly though, I’m not sure MOD Devs should spend much time trying to get the interface down into the phone dimensions. Tablet is really a better platform for music-related apps, IMHO.