Synths, Sync & Midi with Dwarf

Hi, today I started experimenting with synths inside Dwarf and external gear.

I managed to sync LP3s via internal loopback. Easy as it should be, don’t know why I had problems first. So now physical Midi in/out are still available.

I tested Dexed and TAL noisemaker: I was very impressed how light they are on DSP/CPU!! They sound nice. Really useful synths! This motivates to go deeper.

I connected UNO Drum and send midi via usb and received midi from a keystation 32. Top. This works great… I love dwarf for being a usb host.

Only problem has been the noiseissues with uno drum, over headphones it is perfect while connected to dwarf it has strange and ugly noiseproblems. I will test that further.

Noiseissue solved by mixing Mod and Unodrum with a small mixer. So dwarfs input 2 is now free again, which makes sense to add the microphone again.

B.t.w. I am surprised how well dwarf handles a dynamic microphon. So theoretically this pocket setup is now ready to build ideas for stage :slight_smile:

Next thing to test would be importing selfemade sf2 libraries…

Hmm, now this feels kind of dwarf was built for me :-), it can do all the things I would expect from a pocket size music machine… not everything is perfect, but it’s there.


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I assume you’re talking about the DX10. I agree that this one is not CPU hungry. The same for JX10. Both of them have cool tones. I also like amsynth because it gives you more control but it also takes more CPU.

I made a pedalboard by modifying the INST:JX10 and addingan Arpeggiator, Fluid Drums, 2 MIDI Simple Channel Filters and a LP3. I set the channel 10 for the drums and 1 for the synth and I can switch from both tones by changing the channel on my basic MIDI keyboard. This means I can loop drums and a bunch of tones (including bass) from the synth.

What a cool way to spend some time (and I’m a guitar player) ! :grinning: