Synth with breath control response?

hi folks!

just wondering if anybody knows if there’s a synth plugin on the MOD which responds to breath controller MIDI messages (MIDI CC #2).

it seems, for instance, that amsynth doesn’t.

thanks much!

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…or any other CC message, of course, because we can change CC numbers with another plugin. i’m only seeing synths which respond to on/off velocity – i wish i could control synth parameters like filters or oscillator balance or pitch with breath controller messages generated by my G2M.

Theoreticaly Dexed (unstable or community) can handle BC events. But there are currently some problems in my code for handling CC events. I will try to fix this soon… I hope :smile:

Regards, Holger

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isn’t that what midi learn is for? You can control whatever parameter you want with it, rather than waiting for the synth dev to implement it (and hoping they do it the way you want on the parameter you want).