Synched LFO Plugin

If there a synched LFO plugin in MOD world? Such a plugin slaves to master tempo and sends a timed LFO signal to another plugin. For example, one could sync filter frequency on a generator plugin to a sawtooth LFO with a periodicity of 4 bars.

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Up !

Very interested about this question :slight_smile:

Thank you so much (Dwarf is so coool )

Glad that you are happy with your new MOD Dwarf :slight_smile:
On this, wouldn’t the AMS LFO2 help you out or even the AMS VCO 3?

Something like the “lfo tool vst” would be great to have as a plugin in my mod duo x !

Maybe there is allready something like this or i can combine several plugins to achieve it? :thinking:

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I think no. Anyway, I already mapped it on the request list from your other post about it :wink:

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