Syncable effects?

Hi there! I was wondering why there a so few effects with a midi/ internal clock sync available.
Especially for phasers, tremolos and such it would be nice to sync to beats. since everything is digital it would be easy to implement a mode switch to choose between Hz and BPM ratios, no?

Any recommendations? i tried to build my own stuff using the modular modules but i’m looking for convenience.


You can sync nearly every parameters in Hz with the internal clock (even chose 1/4, 1/4., 1/8…) and sync the internal clock with a midi clock if needed. Do you see what I mean ?


oh… i see. I was somehow missing the clock division in the fx control window.


I think it’s important to point out that this only makes the parameters the right length. Unfortunately it doesn’t line the parameters up to the beat grid. You just have to get lucky if you want it to sync with anything else :sweat_smile:

I wish this was not so. Makes it really hard to use these type of effects when playing with others, or even a metronome.

Edit: I found Using MIDI Tempo + CV to control tremolo rate parameter. It looks like I might be able to have the effect I wanted with one of the solutions there. I wish I saw it a few hours ago, before I went through the pain :sweat_smile:.


Update: I followed the steps, and it didn’t help.

I ended up using the Shiro Tremolo and had to change the subdivision at the right time to try and get the phase in sync.

Good sound, painful execution

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