Switch presets when certain MIDI is received

I want to switch to a specific preset when I receive a specific MIDI CC.
I want to achieve this without using snapshots or bank switching.

I intend to use mod dwarf as an IR Loader.
I want to send MIDI CCs from the GT1000 and when I receive a specific CC I want to change the IR preset. i could switch one at a time, but when I receive a specific CC I want to jump to a specific preset.


I’m afraid it’s not possible. As far as I know, you can only assign all the presets but not a specific one.

In the case you are describing (dwarf only playing as a IR loader) snapshots or presets should behave in the same way. Why not using snapshots?

OTOH, how many different cabs are you planning to use? Maybe you could arrange some (dirty as fuck) hack with this SwitchTrigger4 - MOD Audio

In any case, it is lear that the MOD stuff is designed having the snapshot as the main use case

We have considered snapshots, but feel that the silence time when switching is a concern.
A method of switching on a single board is preferable if at all possible.
SwitchTrigger4 may be a realistic solution.

Silence time when switching should be only due to neural plugins. If you only use an IR (or if the neural plugin remains unchanged between snapshots) you should not notice it