Switch-Less Wah?

Is there a Wah plugin that will turn on/off automatically?

I’m thinking it would sense the expression pedal movement and turn on. Then when it stops moving it turns off.
I really don’t want to have to hit a switch to turn it on then move my foot to an expression pedal… then when done to have to hit the footswitch again…

I think the Morley Bad Horsie Wah does this. I don’t have one… but how I understand it is that as soon as you move the pedal it turns on and when you take your foot off it turns off after one second (or whatever you set it at).

Has anyone made something like this? or planning to?

I just did a search on the plugin list and see that Guitarix has the Switchless Wah. I will have to try it when I get home tonight.

Is this something that I may be able to program into an Arduino? This way I would have my choice of wah plugin…
It would be an arduino with expression pedal. Program it so that it will show as two different things to the Duo through Control Chain (since I currently can’t assign Midi assignments manually yet…). One will be the expression pedal and the other is a virtual footswitch. The virtual footswitch will send an on signal as soon as the expression pedal moves. When the expression pedal stops the virtual footswitch would send a off signal.
In the Duo I would assign the on/off of the plugin to the virtual footswitch and the expression pedal to the “wah” control.

So I tried the wahs with an expression pedal through my softstep. It feels disconnected. There is a lag.
Has anyone else felt this with a midi expression pedal?

Will the Control Chain expression pedal work better?

Which plugin and parameter did you addressed it with?

Note that the sound changes first before the web interface, because one is obviously more important. :slight_smile:
When testing, verify if the sound changes first.

Hi @falkTX,

I have tried the Switchless Wah and GxWah.
I assign the Wah knob to an expression pedal connected to the SoftStep. The sound is definitely lagging just a bit… I can hit the toe down very quickly and hit a note right after and hear the Wah sweep. It’s very quick but there is a small lag.

I created a pedalboard with only the Gain plugin and the GxWah to check if it’s because I have a very CPU intensive pedalboard but it still did the same thing…

Hi @falkTX,

I made a expression pedal to CC with an Arduino and the Shield. (Followed the blog post by Jesse. Tip and ring was different for my pedal… no big problem) Once I got it working I tested the wah again and I don’t notice any delay. Works Great! :thumbsup:

I can’t wait for the daisy chaining to work.
I purchased a Wah for my pedalboard and will keep it for now but when the control chain works with multiple footswitches and expression pedals I will be replacing it with an expression pedal which is assignable to anything I want…