Swell & Pure Boost - MOD Devices


Update to my "line" of ambient pedals! This version is the evolution of how I've been using my Mod Duo: primarily as an ambient pedal, but secondarily as a boost. This version has a "pure" boost that doesn't change the flavor of your amp, whereas the previous versions used a tube screamer that was a little too sharp on the high end. It has the same principle as previous versions where Footswitch A toggles the ambient effects, and Footswitch B toggles the boost coming from the direct stereo signal. I simplified the signal chain so that there is always a clean signal going through the pedal so you always have a clean attack, and the boost can be used in addition to or in lieu of the ambient effects. I added a compressor to the front as well so the ambient effects don't swell too loud... this results in a lot of noise reduction as well as lower CPU usage. Enjoy!

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