Support MIDI learn for MIDI Note events


I’ve been trying to create a 4-channel looper using 4xSooperLooper and assigning each one of the Record/Play switches to both a USB pedal controller (KMI Softstep 2) and a regular USB controller (Arturia Beatstep). I can assign MIDI controllers without any problems to devices that have a MIDI input (e.g. most synth generators), but SooperLooper doesn’t have a MIDI IN, therefore I can’t assign any controls.

How to reproduce

  1. Add a Hardware MIDI device
  2. Add a SooperLooper plugin
  3. Try to map any controls to MIDI notes using MIDI Learn
  4. Fail miserably

Expected/suggested solution

MIDI Learn should work no matter what, after all it’s not only for generators

Additional information

Open the controller menu (hold left knob down), navigate to Info > Versions and write down here the versions.

  • release: v0.15.0
  • controller: d07d986

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: Mac OS
  • System version: El Crapitan 10.11.5

Would you be willing or able to help resolve this issue?

(X) Yes
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This is certainly not the way it’s supposed to work…
MIDI CC works on any plugin as long as you added the MIDI device (via ‘Add MIDI Device’ button).

What happens here is that you’re trying to map MIDI notes to a parameter, not a MIDI CC.
We don’t support this right now.

You should look into changing that. The KMI Softstep can be programmed to make the footswitches send CC messages, but it’s harder to reconfigure the Beatstep to do the same. Note messages are actually the best choices for on/off switches if you think about it (seriously, why use a CC ranging from 0-127 for a binary value?).

MIDI Note control would also help with devices that can’t send MIDI CC at all. I use a Roland SPD-SX to perform (among other things) and it would be really handy to start/stop loop recording by hitting a pad.

yep, this was my fault.
when I started working on midi cc (slightly based on some previous work by crudo) I completely forgot about the possibility of using notes.
also pitchbend would be nice too, the extra resolution will be great for fine control of certain parameters.

it’s not something that is coming in v1.0, but sometime soon.

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Speaking of MIDI and controllers, it would also be nice to have the ability to assign the same MIDI note/CC or Mod actuator/switch to more than one function at once. Either that or have some kind of control splitter (if this is already possible I couldn’t find how to do it).


I totally agree with you suggestion, fzero. If we can assign more than one function to the same MIDI CC/Note or even to a Program Change, will be a great enhancement to control the ModDuo, giving more flexibility and possibilities.

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So am I right in understanding that the title of this topic is inaccurate, and that it should read “MIDI learn doesn’t recognise MIDI Note events” ?

MIDI learn with CC messages works fine, and starting with v1.4 you can use pitchbend as well.

MIDI learn to something other than CC and pitchbend is not supported yet.

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Ok thanks for the info. Is it possible to update the topic accordingly?

just did.

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I’m changing the topic and category. This is actually a feature request.


Hey, @falkTX! Reviving this one :slight_smile: Did you have a chance to look at this? Just gou myself an Arturia Beatstep and stumbled upon this immediately (yes - it can send CCs, but only notes can be sequenced).
Is it only MIDI learn not working, or notes not supported for controls at all? Maybe I could hand-edit pedalboard ttl file to achieve this?

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doing this with notes is not implemented on the backend/host side yet.

it is also tricky if we allow all of it, the separation of notes for playing sounds and CC/pitchbend for controlling FX kinda makes sense. for notes being usable as automation we need to consider a good approach for it first…
my initial naive thought is to just allow individual notes as on/off events. perhaps using channel/note pressure as a way to get in-between values for knob-style plugin controls?
not sure if this would work…


On-off for switches certainly makes sense! Why wouldn’t this work? Would be happy to see that at least. Will solve my drum-mapping usecase isntantly.

Maybe you could do just that, and then decide what to do about knobs and after-touch?

BTW aftertouch is very interesting by itself - many modern pad-controllers support that (mentioned Beatstep, Korg Nanopad, AKAI LPD 8…). And they can be pressed by feet just as good as by fingers - looks like a great way to conrol a wah for example…

it is a question of priorities at this point.
right now getting a v1.12 out as stable release, with the plugin store fully functional and all parts tested to work comes before all else.

@jon has quite the big list of feature requests, this being one of them.
I like the idea myself too, specially considering other MIDI requests (with working code) that have been made too.

We will consider those things once the 1.12 release is out