Support email?

Hi, mail to doesn’t seem to be getting delivered. Is there a new address?

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No. That’s the new one.
Are you receiving that typical delivery message?

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----- Transcript of session follows -----… Deferred: Connection timed out with Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours Will keep trying until message is 5 days old

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That’s really weird.
Have you tried multiple times?
If yes, please write to and let me know if that works.
(I will likely be the one answering anyway :grin:)

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Re-sent — lemme know if you got it.

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If I didn’t answer you by now, I don’t believe so.
Have you sent it this time to the contact email or still support?

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To both this time — I’ll send it to you directly too


Really weird. We will investigate.

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Jon I’m trying to get support on a washer? Can you help me?

Is “on a washer” some specific colloquialism? Since we are a very international forum with many non-native English speakers it’s probably better to use a bit more explicit language.

Sorry Dreamer, you’re correct, it’s the input/output jacks, they have either plastic or rubber washers & one of mine came off, due the input Jack screw getting loose. My idea was to send an initial message then explain…

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I’ve been trying to get my input Jack washer replaced and I’ve gotten no response from anyone!! How is that possible?

Hey Guys, I just want to say thank you the washer came yesterday and I put it on today!! I must say through observation that the input jack screws get loose and fall off. A second one did last week, luckily I was more aware of it, if the input Jack screw comes loose and falls off, there’s a washer with it also. I tried to tighten all 4 jacks but it didn’t seem to work….
@gianfranco @jon
Thanks again

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Not sure I understood @BklynGeno

The washers and nuts did not fit?

Could you send an image of what is happening?

Sorry for the misunderstanding, no it fit, but the input Jack screw comes loose. Last week on a gig another input Jack screw and washer became loose and fell off the Dwarf but I was able to put it back on. What I was trying to say was that after trying to tightening the input/output Jack screws, it didn’t seem to tighten all the way and I didn’t want to strip it so I’ll just keep notice of it!! Thanks for sending the replacement!! All the best to Mod Audio!!
@gianfranco @jon

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my experience with this issue is that the thickness of the plastic washer under the silver nut prevents that nut from engaging many threads when it’s screwed on. i found that these would loosen over time, and occasionally fall off if i didn’t stay on top of keeping them tight.

recently, i’ve replace the stock plastic washers with thin metal ones… this allows the nut to thread on more fully, and mine have stayed tight since i’ve done that!


I didn’t want to start a new thread.
I have tried to contact you both via the website and directly by mail ( - I wrote in German, is that OK? - tried to get in touch with you because I need your help.
Did you receive my mails?