Supercapo CPU demand/pitchshifting plugins

I want to use multiple super capos in parallel with one going up a full octave and the other going up 19 semi tones. I’ve tried it in the manner I described well as splitting the signal after the first plugin and using the second to shift one of the lines up 7 semi tones. Is there any other way to achieve this that I haven’t tried that could lessen the burden on the CPU? The setup is for a bass guitar if that matters. So far, I cannot get the intervals needed out of any of the other shifters because they are intelligent harmony. Can I set the intelligent harmony shifters to use fixed intervals regardless of key? If not, can I ask if any plugin of that nature is in the works? I’m still trying to get my head around building plugins myself on a Windows machine, with little success.

I was going to reply earlier but I forgot. As long as you aren’t doing double stops then there may be a plugin in the works that would work for you. It actually is done, just not ported to mod, but I intend to do that eventually. If you play multiple notes at a time though it doesn’t track properly, it’s monophonic.

has that ewham been ported yet to mod? so far mixture of capo and supercapo have been the best use of the processing power, but i would really like it if i could drop the number of plugins needed for my setup so could avoid purchasing more mod duos.

I only just got my MOD a couple weeks ago, so I have been lacking motivation to work on it (and ability to test). Now that I’ve got it, porting the infamous plugins is next on the list. It will be a little while still, but hopefully weeks, not months. (Sorry, life is busy).