Suggestion... Loop playback volume on SooperLooper

I was playing with the SooperLooper last night and having some fun. One thing I was wanting is an adjustable playback volume.

When I play over a loop I created I sometimes want that loop to be just a little bit lower in volume. I also sometimes find that I need to adjust the volume of the playback as I play.
I have the Digitech Jamman Solo looper and I like it that I can play a section and loop it but have it play back a little quieter.

Just an idea I had. Thanks for listening.

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It just so happened that I was playing with this same thing. What I came up with draws on the strengths of MOD Dup’s routing flexibility.

Basically, I added a Stereo Gain plugin at the end of the chain. Into it, I plugged the SooperLooper outs. I routed the two sides of my effects chains into the SooperLooper. Additionally, I routed the effects chains sans SooperLooper directly to the main Output Channels bypassing the looper and the Stereo Gain.

I set the Stereo Gain level to -10.00 db. Then when loops are playing, their vols do not drown out anything I play over top. Works pretty well.