Strange Midi behaviour

Hi, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m trying to get a midi controller pedal set up with Dwarf to control snapshots.

I’ve set up the midi snapshot channel on the Dwarf to 2 and the PedalBoard channel is set to off.

I’m connecting using the 3.5mm midi in to the controller midi out. I’m using a coupler to flip type to A-B.

In the controller software I’m sending PC 2 with a value 3 (to select the 3rd snapshot).

I have option in the controller software to test assignment for a specific PC (it can send 8 different values) and when doing this the snapshot on the dwarf changes. So I know the device can talk to the dwarf through the cable routing.

However when going into Preset mode on the controller the midi doesn’t seem to be taking effect.

I plugged in over usb and used the Midi Display plug-in to monitor incoming midi and I can verify midi is coming into the Dwarf as expected, PC 2, value 3, when the controller is in Preset mode.

What am I missing here? On one hand I think the controller software is buggy and on the other hand I don’t understand why snapshot is not changing when I can see the value is being correctly display in the Midi Display.

Note, MIDI is configured in the DWARF as Aggregate with loopback disabled.

Would appreciate any help.


I think the index of snapshots begins at 0 so the 3rd snapshot might be called by value 2.


I sorted it by recreating the preset on my controller. There is a bug where saved changes aren’t being pushed to performance mode. Not a mod issue at all.

The midi display plugin was very useful. And you are right about -1 thing.