STICK4 filter & synth - MOD Devices

Ian Rogerson

My main general purpose pedalboard for using with the Chapman Stick (focusing on the bass player role). Lots of tone options on the bass side with some fat midi bass for those dance tunes!

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So Cool!

I’m going to try this with my NS/Stick.

What are you using for note to MIDI conversion?
I use the Sonuus G2M on the bass side.

Thanks Skydiver!

I’ve got a Roland VG99 that will happily output MIDI from the GK3 pickup, but for the event I was at I wanted to focus on just using the MOD so I actually ended up using a little KORG keyboard that I stuck to a mic stand clamp. It made it quite fun to play fat bass lines on that for intro & chorus and then shift to the stick (or both!) for the main song.

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