Steve Lawson AKA solobassteve on SBL!

I’m on the email list for Scott’s Bass Lessons and today I got one with a link to a video with Steve Lawson talking about effects and fretless bass playing. This is a teaser video but a great pointer on reverb to use a bass cut/high pass filter into your reverb, especially if you are using it on bass, to avoid the mud… This is easy to do in the Mod because you can just add a high pass filter before the reverb. Steve is using a hardware pedal with a built in filter in the video but totally easy to do in the Duo.

There is a Duo on his pedalboard but Steve doesn’t talk about it in this video…

@solobasssteve - Do you talk about the Duo on the full lesson?
I may sign up just for your lesson. Plus I love the kill switch on your bass. I’ve been wanting a momentary kill switch for the mod but still waiting for momentary capabilities with the footswitches…

Looks like a great video!

Full disclosure… I am not a paid by Steve or Scott’s Bass Lessons.


Yes, the reverb I’m demonstrating here is exactly that a high pass filter before the Roomy reverb, in a sidechain with in the input level to the reverb controlled via cc pedal. :slight_smile:

I do talk about the MOD in the pedal course but not as in depth as I will in the pedal mania course that we’re doing next :slight_smile: This one is more about what each type of pedal does… Definitely worth watching, but not the deep dive into the mod duo that the next one will be :slight_smile:


I’m going to check it out for sure!

Since I play a dual -mono instrument (NS/Stick) I probably use double the effects of the standard user. I have cab sims for each signal chain with all the standard effects and preamps for each. I set up my reverb and delay like an aux send on a recording console as long as the reverb/delay plugin can be set to full wet. For my bass side I wanted a little more “space” or “air” around my bass notes so I sent an aux line (split the signal with a gain plugin) with a high pass filter to the reverb plugin. This way I can use the same reverb as my other signal chain and save CPU since I don’t use a second one…

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What is that table you use? Is it a pedalboard with a keyboard stand under it? Or something else?..

Do you usually play sitting?

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I almost always sit to play - just the occasional wedding gig where I don’t!

The table is a Stagg Piano Bench - cheap, light, easy to carry and just the right height :slight_smile: