Stereo Reverb with independent channels

I need reverb effects that work with both channels without mixing them. I haven’t tested them all, but the ones I have tested that would be “stereo” mix the signals in some way. The objective is to obtain the same effect on the voice and guitar, with the same ambience and delays, using the same FX (saving CPU, not having to duplicate it) and being able to send each signal to its respective amplifier.

You will not find a stereo reverb with hard panned independent channels. All reverbs (au contraire to a stereo delay, but not ping-pong) work with an internal mono channel processing and the stereo signal is derived from a mono signal chain by tapping (with left and right channel taps) into the various small feedback delays that a reverb is usually made of.

To understand this a bit better a real analogy: if you play in a hall (room) and you play a guitar and a voice in it you will obtain a similar impulse response and the signals are mixed without any hope to record the reverberation independently for both instrument, no matter where you put the mics. If you want to have this response divided you inevitably need to record the 2 instruments in 2 identical rooms (hence double cpu usage) or at two different points in time if you only got one room.



What do you really need?
In my understanding, you want to create the impression, that the voice and the guitar are in “the same room”, but you don’t want the signals to actually be mixed in the same room-sound.
You’ll either have to use two identically configured FX units, or live with that fact, that the signals will be mixed in the wet signal.

You’ll not save (a significant amount of) CPU power by using a stereo effect instead of two mono, because the calculations have to be done twice anyhow. Hence, your best solution is probably simply to use two instances of the same FX