Stereo Guitar Setup

Hi all! I’ve been playing with a stereo setup. It took me a while to figure this out, and it seems obvious in retrospect, but… I’ll leave it at that :slight_smile:

Anyway, I got a powered FRFR cab to use with the Dwarf and I already had a 20W tube amp and 1x12" cabinet. I figured I should be able to use this in a stereo setup, but I didn’t want to have to use splitters or an AB/Y box, etc (I mean, I just spent a bunch on the FRFR and the Dwarf, right?). It finally dawned on me that the Dwarf would be my AB/Y box. So, here’s a diagram of how I set it all up.

One of the cool side effects of using the Dwarf as the AB/Y is that I can apply stereo effects inside the Dwarf. This also should have been obvious to me :slight_smile: I hope this helps someone out, and also shows the routing flexibility that the MOD devices provide.


which one did you get?

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I went for the HeadRush FRFR 112

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I was looking at the HeadRush FRFR-108 - but even that is too big for my setup. Might go with a pedalamp and a traditional small cab.

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I was intent on getting the FRFR-108, but the salesperson suggested the 112 since I planned to use it for bass and theremin in addition to guitar. I might be a sucker, but it does sound very nice.


A sucker with good ears! Never compromise on the sound quality is always a good strategy for musicians. I’ve run my rig in stereo for decades and it’s always given me a lot of satisfaction having a wide sound. It was watching Jimi Page point his bow at columns left, then columns right and having the sound of his guitar follow during the Lemon Song back in the early 70s that first turned me on to stereo guitar. So I made my own pan pedal because there weren’t any to be bought and I could solder and read schematics. It’s so nice that we now have devices like the ModDwarf/Duo/etc to allow us to create virtual devices, like your stereo rig! Nice work!
BTW, you can probably program an expression pedal into your ModDevice for manual pan control live.


that’s a great suggestion!


How are you using this pan pedal? Is there sometimes that you just want to send your guitar to one of the sides? Or to kind of emulate an LFO assigned on a pan setting? Fluctuating between left and right with the rate that you pedal it with.


That’s what’s nice about having a pan function on an expression pedal, you can use it in all of those ways because you can play it like a wah pedal, put the sound where you want it when you want it. Some examples are, call and response riffs on opposite sides, ambient washes gently moving across the stage, positioning the instrument in a mix, slowly migrating a rhythm to create motion, and so on. Of course you can also automate these functions with an oscillator, but sometimes you might want to have control so you can better improvise. Some multi-fx units have pan assignable to the xp, so if you have one of those, you can try it there to see what’s possible. Or, try setting one up in your ModDevice.