Step-sequencer for 16 steps


is it possible to create also a step-sequencer for 16 notes? 4 x 16 and/or 8 x 16 would be very nice! I know that the image of the plugin is huge but for creating more “living” drum parts, it would be really nice to have them.

I would create a really amazing pedalboard for the 4 x 16 step-sequencer :blush:

Thanks, Holger

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You mean 16 steps?
number of steps is horizontal, number of notes is vertical.

The author made the plugin ready to accept pretty much any number of those.
So it’s easy to add new variants (but can be a little confusing if we add too much).

So, hmm, how many steps and how many notes exactly?

Sorry for the confusion… I mean 16 steps!

So 4 notes x 16 steps and 8 notes x 16 steps would be very nice!

Thanx, Holger