Status of CC library for Arduino Shield

hi all!

just wondering: is the Control Chain library currently in a functional state for end-user development of devices based on an Arduino Uno and the original Shield? i think the library has been in major flux lately, concurrent with Expression Pedal development, right?

is it necessary/best to wait for the dust to settle on the Expression Pedal before starting to work with my languishing Arduino Shield?

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the part of the library that deals with CC devices yes, in order to support item pagination and actuator groups.
but the arduino side hasn’t been updated in a while, and right now we do not have anyone in the team that can do it.


Hi all,

not long ago i received my first Dwarf and loving it.

I would happily volunteer and actively share my contributions to the CC library and hopefully its ecosystem :heart_eyes_cat:

I am currently getting to know it deeper and planning to experiment with the Arduino shield as soon as I make my own updated PCB layouts with KiCAD and assemble the components in the next couple of weeks.

I would like to undertake some documentation and development tasks, so please feel free to reach out with directions, advice and everything useful!



NIce, I still have several shields and the other day finally found an unused Arduino UNO in my parts so I hope to start playing with that soon-ish as well.

Will follow your progress if you share :wink:


If I understood correctly CC is a full duplex serial communication over 422 (or 485?)

Will it be possible to communicate to the microcontroller with over USB instead? I have seen some hack for this but it would be cool to have it streamlined on the new version

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