Stacked / Synced LP3 How To?

Can someone describe the setup for stacking LP3 loopers and having them synchronized? I’ve tried various combinations of record mode options, transport running, virtual MIDI loopback enabled, but haven’t gotten the result I’d like.

I come from a Boss RC300 background and am trying to achieve a similar multi-track scenario (beyond 2 that a single LP3 offers). That said, my current use case is I’d like to have one LP3 output to Output 1 → PA / amp another LP3 output to Output 2 → bass amp. I’d like to record a track on the first LP3 and then record another track on the second LP3 that is in sync with the first.

Referring to this thread for inspiration: My favourite mod Plugins for live looping so far - #12 by MCCY


First LP3: Record mode async
Second LP3: MIDI clock internal, Record mode MIDI

Record your original track on track 1 of the first. When you record on the second, the tracks will be recorded to multiples of the original track length and will be held in sync with the original track.


Actually, on the first LP3, if you plan to record into the second track, then you’ll need record mode self sync.


Thank you for the info @looperlative I’ll try it out after work.