Ssh to dwarf to reset to factory defaults

I’ve downloaded the moddwarf-v1.11.5.2860.tar file and copied it to the root directory of the dwarf.using scp. I’ve ssh’d into the dwarf to verify the file is there. I’ve search the forums for the way to do the actual reset but I can’t find the instructions anywhere. I’ve read the topic:

and searched the forums for instructions on doing the factory reset but can’t find them. I know I’ve seen this info before, either in the forums or the docs. Could someone please post the link?

There’s no rush on this - I’ve gone back to the duo for the time being because I’m starting to get out and do actual gigs (FINALLY!) and I’m going with what works.

THANKS FOR ANY HELP - as I said, no rush. I’m just happy to be playing out again and am focused on that for now.


There is no reason to use SSH at all.

For a factory reset of OS + user data, just use one of the images from Factory Reset Images - MOD Wiki
Apply it as a normal update (booting into recovery/upgrade mode and all that)


Thanks! I knew it was a pretty simple process, but I was looking in the wrong place obviously.

I won’t get back to it for a while, but I’ll be an easy process and I’ll start from scratch with a better understanding of how everything works.