Spring Reverb


Which plugin would be the equivalent of a spring reverb.

AFAIK currently there is not a good (or even a bad) lv2 spring reverb. :frowning: With a convolver you can use an impulse response for a decent spring sound, but no convolution lv2 plugins are on mod yet.

Isn´t this one based on a spring reverb:

Bumping this because I can’t make a new thread requesting a spring reverb plugin. Is an LV2 spring reverb plugin something that can be achieved? I have no idea how the plugins are created. Is a spring reverb plugin possible?


Regarding this part, I believe that now you are able to do it.

Well…an actual physical spring reverb not really for obvious reasons, but an emulation of it sure it is. I can’t at this moment check that, but I would suggest you take a look also at the beta plugins and search for something like that.


So do we have more spring reverbs in the collection ? The only one I could find is the dogood plugin, but is that it ?

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Hey Azza, I discovered MOD’s Convolution Reverb plugin includes a bunch of DoGood Sound’s reverbs, including one of their spring reverbs. Sounded pretty nice to me.

Just a quick edit, I should have noted that within that same plugin there are several spring reverbs from Fried Silence, also very nice sounding.


You should find one or two in this lot :wink: