Speakers for home use

Hey guys,

I’ve seen some similar topics, but not exactly matching my case.

I’m looking for a decent, affordable and adequately powered speaker to use with the Dwarf. My main use would be practicing at room level, mostly bass and guitar, but perhaps also some keys. Another use may be as a monitor on stage for smaller gigs with a band, while using the local PA for, say, the bass.

Optionally I’d amplify vocals with it, too, but again for practicing purposes or as an okay-ish monitor. Think “dude with an acoustic guitar plays some songs in your local pub”. (That might also introduce something like a small mixer to the scene.)

I think I’d prefer to have all the coloring done in the device (amp sims, cabinet IRs, etc), so the speaker should be quite neutral. I’ve seen some FRFR cabs, but I feel like most of them are vastly overpowered for my use, no?

Does anyone of you happen to know something that could fit this scenario?

Thanks and best regards!

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I’ve been very happy with my Headrush 12" FRFR. I use it at home for practice with bass, guitar, synths, theremin, and for makeshift karaoke. While it is on the larger end of the choices (a bandmate has the 8"), I wanted something that would reproduce the lows well. I have also taken it to practice as a wedge monitor, but we ended up going with IEMs instead. I have not used it live, but in a live situation, I’d think you would want as much power as you can reasonably carry with you. As far as that goes, it says it can output 2000W, but that is the marketing number. it can also be mounted on a speaker stand, and has 2 independent inputs. It would be worth checking out the 8" version, which is way more portable, but you should see if it provides the low end and volume you need.

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I bought an Alto TS 410 a couple of months ago.
Very happy with it. Actually keeps up with our loud metal band in rehearsal room
(although not much margin since we ARE LOUD)

2 combo inputs make it a good alrounder and sound options via an app.

Alto and headrush devices don’t differ that much.
(More so, soem say Alto and Headrush is the same thing).

Going for a subwoofer seems overkill but if you want to use it a lot for bass, perhaps going for a 12" or even 15" might be better? check the requency ranges though.


Oh dang, if Headrush had a 10" option at the time, I’d have gone for that. It would be a good tradeoff in size, weight and power. Plus, I like the natural punch of 10" drivers for bass :slight_smile: (though, I wonder if it matters much when it comes to FRFR)

I use an Alto 12 inch PA speaker as an all-purpose amp. I primarily play bass, electric and upright. It has worked more than fine, and is definetely servicable for loud situations, and when it isn’t you could in theory just connect another one or a portable sub or something.

From my experience it’s lacking a little bit of that “something” sub sound and resonant, punchy feel that a traditonal bass cab gives. But not nearly enough to stop using it. I’ve been very happy, it’s a flexible solution for my use. Last weekend I plugged in a piano to supplement it’s internal speakers for a rehearsal. I wouldn’t do that with a traditional cab.

In my rehearsal room one channel is for playback of whatever I’m practicing. The other is for my pedalbord. I recommend it.

edit: The only thing I regret is not having two, for the rare occassion that I’ve needed stereo, and because it might be easier to sell later as a stereo pair.

It is not overkill for your use. A single powered monitor will help you fill a small room with guitar/vocals/keyboards, or make sure that you hear yourself on stage or during rehearsals etc. Two might be too much. One is decent. Let me know if you need more confirmation bias or have any questions.


Thank you all so much for your input! It also helped me clarify my needs.

I realize that for optimal results I should probably get different speaker sizes e.g.:

  • 12-15" as bass cab substitute for smaller live situations without PA or monitor
  • 10-12" as general purpose speaker for practicing bass, guitar, keys and vocals at home (effectively replacing amps that are collecting dust since I got the Dwarf - I’m selling those btw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
  • 8-10" as very portable “oh, this pub doesn’t have a”-monitor.

But I’m not willing to spend that money yet. :smiley:

Ultimately I’d like to go DI with everything in live and rehearsal situations, but have a “jack of all trades” home practice speaker acting as a “good enough to get away with it” safety net for gigs. So I think it’s gonna be the Headrush 112 for me. Alto looks good, too, but I feel there’s a touch too much fancyness for me.

Again, thanks for your responses. Please do keep them coming, if you feel there’s anything to add! :slight_smile:


That was sort of my approach when researching, want a jack-of-all-trades, not too heavy, let the PA do the lifting… And I’ve been very happy for three or four years now.

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Happy to report I bought a used Headrush FRFR 112 yesterday. Seems to work perfectly well so far. :slight_smile:


Amazing what such a single unit can do, right?

I just wanted to add that I still carry a pedal size power amp, in the live use case here I do need to plug in in a cab because the venue depends on the guitar amps and only have PA fr vocals

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