SPDIF out to Octacapture

Does anyone knows how to connect the modx spdif out to the Digital coax in on the Roland octacapture? On the Octacapture side i have set Digital to Auto, on the ModX side I can’t find anything to enable spdif, so i guess it is always enabled. Nevertheless nothing seems to happen. I’ve tried a coax cable and a standard audio cable. No difference

The output is mirrored for the SPDIF, so you dont have to do anything for getting that part to work.

A regular mini-jack to RCA cable should work here.

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So this should mean there’s something not right at the octacapture side. Could it be an compatibility thing? They don’t call the digital port spdif but it conforms to IEC60958. That is as i understood it more or less the same

Did you enable routes for channel 9/10 on the roland?
I’m looking at the manual and it has an internal mixer right?

Auto setting seems indeed what you want, and then it should slave to the sample rate of the Duo X (48kHz).
How are you accessing these channels currently?

Hi dreamer, thanks for thinking along. In input mixer A i don’t see any signal coming in on channels 9/10 while channel 1/2 show a normal signal (that’s where the analog out of the mod is connected to). The sample rate is indeed set to 48 Khz. I used an RCA to 3.5 mm monojack adapter to connect to the mod. I suppose that can’t be the problem? What’s a bit strange is that although I’ve set digital on Auto the clock settings stay on Internal and i can’t change that in the Driver settings

Meanwhile I connected the digital out of a a Rega Planet cd player to the Octacapture and this worked, so next step is to find a device whith SPDIF in and see what it will do with the DUO X. BTW it’s the first release of it.

Found this document, maybe that gives a clue (http://www.nu9n.com/images/AES3-SPDIF-notes.pdf) . So I think I’m going to look for some kind of an adapter

Well, via a opto to coax adapter I could connect a sony pcm-d100 to the octacapture and this worked also. Furthermore I measured the current on the divers coax ports and i guess it should be around 250 mv ac, but on the mod I don’t measure anything (apart from a very low 80 mv ac current, but this is also measured without anything connected to the meter. I also tried to connect the octacapture as well as the mod x to the pcm-d100 (via a coax to opto adapter). With the octacapture this worked but with the mod x unfortunately not. So imho i think the conlusion should be that at this moment the mod isn’t putting out any spdif signal.

Since release 1.9 the S/PDIF output of the DuoX should be fully functional.
Seems like this is not the case, I would suggest to reach out to support@moddevices.com.

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Yeah, i think i ran out of other possibilities indeed :thinking: