Source Audio style E-Dome reverb...?

Hey good people

I hope you’re all doing well - I’ve been having a ton of fun building and using a new main board in the Duo but I’m hankering after a big, very clean reverb very similar to the Source Audio E-Dome that comes with the Collider or similar pedals… I’ve tried a lot the MOD verbs and many are tasty but aside from the Shimmer none seem to have that big but clean bloom type sound… I may be wrong so please recommend away for any I should try…

I also love how the Collider has some super cool modulated reverbs and again, I’ve not had time to dive into creating my own yet, but I’m sure it must be possible to replicate some of them with the Duo - so any suggestions or ideas as to signal chains to explore then I’m all ears :slight_smile:

Stay safe and keep making music


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I find myself gravitating to the Calf reverb a lot - if you put it in a sidechain at 100% you can add an EQ before it to further shape it in ways that might get you towards what you’re looking for… you could also run a bit of the shimmer in parallel with that, or have one of the filtered delays before it to give it more of an evolving sound?


Cheers Steve - really useful suggestions - I’ll give them a go for sure - I’m always a little torn with reverb, I love it of course, but don’t use it a huge amount - hence shelling out for a premium reverb pedal is a bit of an indulgence too far (I’m still tempted by the Collider or Meris Mercury7) but as you suggest there are plenty of ways to get similar sounds in the MOD system. Ableton’s reverbs are stunning so I have access to those as well if really needed… thanks again