Soundgarden's Spoonman

Hi all!

This is the first pedalboard I share. I’m not a high gain player but always loved this song and the guitar tone. I used a Dual Rectifier by @Teuvosick (Brutal Pedalboard) and Marshall JVM 410H captured with an overdrive by @jesse and @itskais .

It’s called lightweight because I have another that uses 2 NAM instances with captures of Dual Rectifier and Marshal 50 (which is the one used in the recording).

Any tweakings or suggestions are more than welcome!!


Hey @Techno

That’s sounds very interesting and very usable

My first impression in comparing it was that the produced videoclip has a litte more low end oomph but character wise you are very close.

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Thank you! I noticed a lot of difference when listening the recording through the computer speakers and also is not completely nailed but I’m quite happy with the sound.

Thanks. I love to see artist or song inspired pedalboards here.

Just out of curiosity, the high-pass is something you usually put on your pedalboards, or it is specific to this tone?

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Thanks! The high pass is intended to control the loose low end of the Dual rectifier. Idk if it really works. It just sounded slightly better to me.

So good :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

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I just realised that I didn’t notice any other published pedalboards that use an “original” backing track. I wouldn’t like MOD or myself getting into intellectual property issues. I don’t know what exactly the law is (particularly in every different country) so I don’t know if it should be deleted. It sounds so good tho :smiling_face_with_tear:.

Also I’ve seen quite popular YouTubers covering songs using the original audio tracks. I wonder if they payed royalties or something… :thinking:

Not that Soundgarden or their label is going to come and get me because of this but just wondering if I was stepping out of the "good practices“ line with this.

I think their videos just get demonetized and the money generated by YouTube ads go to the beneficiaries of the music.

That’s certainly something to take into consideration as MOD should be responsible for the content being accessible on their websites.

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Thanks for the reply. Idk if I can/should take it down myself. I’m fine with it if it’s removed by the team. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Maybe @gianfranco can answer to this question. In my opinion, I think we would hear your tone better out of the mix of the song.

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I agree. Also isolated guitar tones can be weird? It’s meant to be heard along with the band after all. This one in particular relies a lot in the bass and drums.:thinking:

Anyway I’ll be happy to share it again without the backing track. Or maybe I’ll take a chance with drum and bass generators! :nerd_face:

Sorry, my English isn’t perfect. When I said “out of”, I meant “without”. Though it’s always interesting to hear how a guitar tone sounds like in the context of a band mix, I think if we want to have an overview of a MOD plugin or pedalboard, we may also want to hear it without too much distraction. Of course, the ideal scenario is hearing both situations. :slight_smile:

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I understood! Your English seems very good to me! And I agree both is the ideal.

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From a legal perspective, we do not mind about having the track and, in case there is any legal request to take down, we will simply comply.

I can tell beforehand that we never faced such a situation.

Now, regarding the question of wether having the track is good or bad for hearing the guitar tone, that is a decision of the person who made the post :slight_smile: