[sound searching] Vulfpeck WONGS CAFE /// Let's Go!


I’m trying to replicate thie video sound intro :

After digging different delays on L/R, then two different flangers… I end up with this simple pedalboard (with just the Triple chorus - MOD Devices) : Vulf - Let's Go! - MOD Devices

But I still have this pan effect (due to delay time changing). It clearly miss a room reverb, but I’m looking for what is before the reverb, do you have a clue ?


Hello @Rom Romain,

the tempo of the song floats around 125bpm.

You are searching for a sound from the first 15 seconds?
Try a short digital doubling stereo delay with about 4 repeats. Maybe 1/32th , so try 40, 60, 80 milliseconds. These delays aren’t panned hard left and right. The overall sound has little space.
I don’t hear panning, just the exact (digital) repeats that drive the breaking tube amp sound.
I think that’s it, no reverb, just a delay pretending early room reflections.
This is just my idea, maybe something’s missing, though.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Thanks Marius,

The panning apears on my try on this pedalboard : Vulf - Let's Go! - MOD Devices
In mono there is some flanger too… :neutral_face:

The short delay without detune is quite not there too, I’ll try with tape simulation, it may be close enough !?


I thinks you where right @mj_prod, it is way nearer with delay :


And with little help from the RMPro :