SooperLooper start recording glitch

Hello, guys!
I am a frequent user of the looper. I don’t use too many pedalboards but all of them have a looper at the end of the pedal chain. I use to play live performances most of the times in duo, so the looper could be helpful and sometimes even spectacular. I use SooperLooper or Looperlative, depending on the needs of the pedalboard. However, something quite annoying happens almost every time I use SooperLooper: a glitch appears simultaneously with pressing the footswitch for loop recording. In very few cases this glitch does not appear but I could not find out what determines its appearance. For sure it’s not dust in the footswitch, I’m obsessed with keeping my devices crystal clean :innocent: Unfortunately the glitch is recorded with the loop and sounds very disturbing when the loop is played. Has anyone experienced something similar…?

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I think that’s a limitation of this looper. There are clicks in every recording starts.
Now I use Looperlative that doesn’t have this issue.


Sometimes it is more convenient to use SooperLooper, just record and play a single loop at a time to improvise over. But I guess I will replace it with Looperlative in all my pedalboards. The glitch is too much annoying.