Sonnus I2M

Would you be able to use the Sonnus I2M With the mod duo?
So you could have like 2 chains?
I’m under the impression that there is nothing in the mod duo currently that can convert instrument to midi so thought this might be an option. I haven’t really thoiught it through though.
Cheers everyone.

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i use the G2M a lot with my MOD – but i’m taking the DIN MIDI from it, and routing the analog signal from its THRU output to one of the MOD inputs for acoustic sound.

i believe you’ll get the pitch-tracking USB MIDI output from the I2M, but won’t be able to use the digital converter aspect of its USB MIDI input. so, if you want both the MIDI note information and your acoustic instrument sound going into the MOD, you’ll have to also use a splitter or mixer somewhere in your signal chain before the MOD, to route acoustic signal to one of its inputs.

…perhaps someone else with I2M experience can confirm…

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thats great mate cheers.

Hi. Not sure if this is still of interest for you:
I use the Sonuus I2m with the MOD Duo X together with a simple splitter cable for the audio signal. It works great.