Song of Comfort - live looping

My first recording with the Dwarf, using the wonderful Ambient Drone from @dann. Just added the RMPro plugin at the end of the chain. Synth sounds from my Roland GR-55. Watch on YouTube.


Thanks so much for posting, @kimborg. Great song and arrangement – and from a fellow midi guitar player, please accept my compliment for making the GR sound not cheesy! (Your other video has that too!)

Very neat pedalboard, by the way. Looks like the Dwarf fits just right in there. :slight_smile:

I’ve been scratching my head for a Midi Maestro… I can see it works well for you. Was it easy to set up?

(If my eyes are seeing right, is that one of those Warwick cases? They are great and I have my eyes on one as well.)


Thank you for those kind words, QM.
Regarding the MidiMaestro, I’ve done nothing but plug it in. I only use the default Aeros mode. Been meaning to dive into making custom modes, so that I can control the effect pedals as well, but for me it works great out of the box, so I keep postponing it …
As for the case, its a SchmidtArray SA750. I’ve a got a lid also, which makes the whole board a suitcase in two seconds. Great build quality and very versatile.


It was absolutely great!

I’m always super impressed when I get to the musical talent on display.

I tried guitar a long time ago, but never stuck with it. I love seeing you guys shred on stuff lol

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Wow, really cool set and a really nice sound. It would be cool to share it also in the Content Exchange thread. @James will take a look and add it to our Youtube playlists :wink:

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Great to be added in your playlist. I’d be happy to post it in that thread, if thats more suitable.


Thanks, Kim. They look really nice and well built. I’m certainly looking into that!

If you do fiddle around with Midi Maestro, would you please share your findings?

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Sure. But there are so many clever people out there that I’d consult anyway. You can search this forum or YouTube (have a look at ForFunGuitar, for instance). They manage all kinds of things with midi-messages, including taylor-made control over the BB and Aeros. Really powerful.