Someone thinking about "long pressing" feature for the footswitches?

To have a second using for the knobs? … Short and long pressing for different Functions?


Cool idea !

love that idea! i have this function on my Boomerang Looper to erase or copy parts! I see a big potential if it could be implemented

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It’s possible to use multi to CV for this, but it isn’t friendly because you don’t press the button to make the action, but instead rotated it on clockwise direction for emulate a press and rotate back to counterclockwise for emulate the release.

Hi @SrMouraSilva,
Sorry, I misread the topic. I thought it was about the switches, not the knobs, that’s why I deleted my answer. I didn’t even know one could use the Multi Button to CV plugin with the knobs. Thanks for your answer.

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I mean the Foot-Switches, not the selction-Knobs!

So I was right when I misread. :upside_down_face:
In my deleted post, I wanted to suggest the Multi Button to CV plugin. It has a “long press” feature that could suit your needs, even though the idea of having this feature natively in the OS is interesting.

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I changed the topic title from “knobs” to “footswitches” for clarity.


I cant assign Multi2CV to an “analog” MOD-Plugin to add this behavior to (sample) a Looper Switch for assign “Stop” (click) “Reset” (longhold) to one Footswich …

Just as a sidenote: the Looperlative LP3 Looper has this feature already built-in, without needing the Multi Button to CV.
When the “Loop” button is assigned to a Dwarf footswitch, it does

  • switch “overdub”/“play” when single pressing
  • “undo” / “redo” when long pressing
  • “stopp” at the end of the loop when double-pressing.

There’s a workaround for the parameters that don’t have a CV assignment possibility. You can use MIDI with the mindi plugin. I just made a draft pedalboard with Play/Pause on short press and Reset on long press of footswitch C :

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i rebuild it (loading via Chrome isnt possible currently…) and it happens … nothing.

Now i got it.
You have to Add the Button you want extend to the “Multi Button to CV” Button.
Then you have to do “Manage CV Ports” on the top Menu and click on every Checkbox to enable it.
Then you can add the “CV” Option to every Switch on the Looper like you do it for the “Device” Option.
Thx for this Workaround!

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Next Problem: MOD Dwarf offers the “CV” Option for On/Off Buttons, but not for Footswitches like the “Reset” Switch. So … My Problem isn’t solved :frowning:

My workaround was exactly about that : using MIDI when CV isn’t available. Have you tried the pedalboard I shared ? I actually mapped the “reset” function to a footswitch using MIDI and the mindi plugin.

I can not load the Padleboard. It tells me “Succsess” but nothing happens. In Chrome and Firefox.
Mindi receives the Trigger and sends MIDI, but no MIDI comes to the global MIDI Input.

Do you have enabled the virtual MIDI loopback ?

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If it says “Victory !”, it means you have a tab with the MOD Web UI opened. The pedalboard loads in this tab.

I was about to tell you the same as @Rom. I’m almost sure Virtual MIDI Loopback is disabled.

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The Panel-Loading Problem is on Browser side. Thy supress the “confirm()” Dialog when it comes from a Page outside tu active Page. With quick change between the Pages you can work around this. My fail was: I didnt conmect the mindi to the Loopback-Connector. Now it runs fine. THX for this Tip!