Some kind of external fx loop?

Would that be cool?
Like a small external box with maybe 4 send/returns and a midi or proprietary cable that you could place real pedals in and place them in the loop where you wanted on the pedal board.

Anything like that,?

Can’t you already do that to a certain extent by using the second input/output pair on the Duo/DuoX ?

For example:

Intrument -> Duo Input 1 -> virtual pedal 1 -> virtual pedal 2 -> Duo Output 2 -> physical pedal 1 -> Duo Input 2 -> virtual pedal 3 -> output 1 -> amp.

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Couldnt this just be done with an external soundcard, say exposed as if it was a plugin?


How does that work exactly? Wouldn’t the ext pedal be on a 2nd channel? Or I suppose that doesn’t matter given the routing flexability of the duo.
It’d only really work for one pedal though i suppose though.

Basically you would be using “Channel 1” of the Duo for main in/out and the 2nd channel as an external FX Loop send/return.

Within that FX loop, you can have as many physical pedal chained together as you want.

But, on the virtual pedalboard, the FX loop would be inserted only in one spot within your virtual pedal chain.

The routing flexibility of the Duo is what attracted me in the first place … :slight_smile: