SOLVED - "momentary ON" display problem


when a parameter is mapped to a button (in “momentary ON” mode) on the Duo X, switching to the page containing that button shows it as ON (i.e. it has a dark background on the Duo X display), even though it is actually OFF. then, the button does operate properly, and leaves it showing as OFF (light background). to put it another way: the display state does not match the actual state of the mapped parameter immediately upon switching to the page.

How to reproduce

  1. make a new pedalboard
  2. map the ON/OFF parameter of the gain plugin to a button, in “momentary ON” mode.
  3. map the gain setting to a knob on another page
  4. on the Duo X, switch between the two pages
  5. note that, when arriving on the page containing the ON/OFF mapping, the Duo X display initially shows the parameter as ON (dark background), even though it is actually OFF – then the button operates normally and the display is correct after pushing the button (the button light is always correct… only the LCD display panel is incorrect)

Expected/suggested solution

make the display status always match the actual parameter status

Additional information

Duo X:

  • release: V1.11.2


  • Operating system: macOS Big Sur
  • System version: 11.6.3

Thanks for the report.
Was this happening with previous firmware versions or just on the 1.11?
We will try to reproduce it.

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sorry @jon … i don’t know about previous versions. i don’t recall trying to do this before now, and i encountered it while building a new pedalboard.

hope you’re able to reproduce!


No worries :wink:
We are already checking it


1.11.3 appears to fix this.