[solved] High noise level at all times

This is a good question. I thought I had seen 3A in another thread but can’t seem to find it again. Maybe the MOD folks can chime in… the supplied PSU is 12v 3A, but maybe that isn’t required. If it was closer to 1A that would be great :smiley:

I just tested out the 1.10.2 build and the “Compensate Ground Loop” setting seems to have no impact. I thought that the 1.11 test build I had (which had that on by default) cleaned up about 75% of the noise. On 1.10.2 it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Using a cheapo pyle hum destroyer does seem to improve it greatly, although it may seem to suck some tone. I’ll need to investigate that a bit more.

Hi João, I am still experiencing pops even after the update, with either option enabled on the new ground lift menu option (the balanced cables solved the basic noise issues, except for the pops, so I’m leaving it off for now). They don’t seem to correlate with CPU load (it’s running around 68%, there are some random spikes but they don’t cause the pops), and I made sure that the input/outputs aren’t clipping. I’m pretty sure all my gain staging is good. I will try to do some recording tomorrow/Sat and upload it with time stamps or something to highlight the pops, along with a pic of the pedalboard I’ve been working with— Also, my output 2 is definitely a few dB louder than output 1, but that’s easy enough to compensate for, just not super confidence-inspiring. Still having a blast with the board… learning CV stuff, etc. but I gotta say I can’t wait for the looperlative, I’m trash at hitting the loop record button at the exact perfect time and am looking forward to syncing it to the clock easily (trying to use the CV clock to sync is a little weird, I’m still working on making that happen usefully). Thanks.

Yes, feedbacks are always helpful (and needed!)

Both DuoX and Dwarf use the same power supplies.
Take a look here for more info.

Do you have a tiny gain in the pedalboards that generate these pops?

To be more clear, plugins that update dynamically (tinygain, stepsequencer and the like) are generating some “clicks and pops” when the webgui is open.
This issue does not appear on Duo or Duo X, only on Dwarf.
We are investigating


I hear same clicks and pops even with NO WEB GUI open and USB cable connected. In this case, jack_capture it’s not able to capture them. They’re only audible via OUT and PHONES connections. I will try to record them from the “outside”.

I’ve experienced same clicks and pops when Dwarf is working to save a pedalboard (with WEB GUI open).

A power source that can deliver about 30% more current than the max expected is highly recommended in any scenario. For a tube amp even more so at 50%. That prevents transformers from overheating.

The Dwarf picture from the wiki seems to show the power input at 12V and 2A.

nope, but I do have sequencers running, and haven’t tried it outside of the web GUI yet… I need more midi assigns… I’ll do more experimentation this weekend

Ok I captured a very short clip of my bass through the above pedalboard with basically everything off but the cab, no web GUI, and the pops are clearly audible… to a somewhat distressing degree. I can’t seem to post audio here, can I email it to you?

You can use external services like https://vocaroo.com/

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Thanks! ok it’s about 8 seconds, ignore the crappy playing, the pops are right in the middle.


Thanks. Same kind of pops I hear too. Have you recorded from OUT jacks or PHONES?


I’m recording from the OUT jacks with balanced cables into my interface. (headphone jack to RCA is full of noise so I’m not even bothering with that anymore).

I’ll be honest. My hearing is not the best (truly) but I am not sure what you are calling a “pop”. I downloaded the MP3 and normalized it and there’s sort of a noise there but I can’t say it doesn’t sound like little finger noises I get when I play the bass. In the MP3 file, what is the time of the objectionable sound?

I also had some increased noise as well as pops in the signal flow with the modx.
After the update to the latest OS, this is now different: Only very slight noise - barely audible - and no more pops, whether via the analog, SPDIF or USB connections, even when all three connections are used simultaneously.

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Definitely some kind of electronic artifact, not finger noise. About 3.5 seconds in there are two, right next to each other.

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Here is the file, normalized and zoomed in to 3.00 to 4.00. I really don’t see (or hear) anything unusual there.

Huh, yeah I just put it into Logic and zoomed way in, I don’t see anything either, but if I play that section I can clearly (and consistently) hear two pops— I think they’re both coming from the left side actually… Could the normalization have somehow taken care of them? I don’t think they’re peaks or anything, but I’m sure I’m not imagining them. Anyone else want to weigh in?

I put together a much simpler delay/reverb focused board the other night and I didn’t notice any pops with that one on my first go with it, will do some more experimenting tonight and will record more if I hear any.